There are numerous factors that influence signage prices in Kenya. All these points, from the trivial to the more pronounced, are important for making a proper purchase. In this article, we’re going to fully cover the features that influence signage prices. Also, don’t miss our summary checklist at the end!

What is the Average Signage Prices in the Current Market?

How much does signage cost on average in the Kenyan market today? Signage cost ranges between Ksh 6,500 – Ksh 800,000 but it’s not strictly defined. Depending on all of the below-mentioned features, it may be considerably higher or lower than the average price.

Primary Factors Affecting Signage Prices

Signages shed light on your business and call attention to it by day and night. outdoor signs and displays are a powerful tool for gaining prominence and success. But how much does signage cost? Let’s discover vital components that affect signage prices you can use anywhere from your trade show displays to your store walls.

1. Size plays a role

Size is one of the biggest factors that makes a difference in signage prices. It goes without saying that the bigger the project, the more resources and materials it takes to construct it. It also takes more labor and time to get sizable design solutions. Consequently, the larger your order, the more expensive it becomes.

2. Shape matters

Round and square-shaped options are easier to make and are therefore cheaper. The cost of signage gets higher when there is a need for custom shapes with extra curves and corners. These may include logo signs as a part of office signs or lobby signs with branding elements that match the company’s brand image with details and precision.

3. Materials are a deciding factor

How much does a signage cost when you want premium materials? The choice of materials is a crucial attribute of signage prices. Most branding companies in Kenya use aluminum as a standard base material to create fire-safety compliant displays. The price indicators are therefore the various face materials.

Lexan and acrylic are the most popular options used for achieving high-end results. The former is meant for larger options while acrylic is better suited for small to medium projects. Acrylic is more clear but lexan is more durable and able to withstand extreme weather conditions. Options with lexan faces cost more.

4. Complexity is a vital attribute

Certain features will impact how much a signage costs. Extra details like lighting, for example, will make a notable difference. Below, find a list of key characteristics expressed in the price of a led light box signage,  based on complexity.

One vs two sides

Light box sign prices are dependent on the number of display sides you need. For Lightbox Signages, the light up signs with double-sided options will cost 60-100% more than single-sided ones. The illuminated 3D signs may be pricier but they’ll double your exposure and are definitely worth the investment.

How Much Does a Signage Cost in Kenya? Secondary Factors to Consider

There are additional factors affecting signage price. In this section, we’ve narrowed down the extra points that are not as obvious to consider.

5. With or without artwork

Artworks are creative elements used for enhancing and personalizing the platform’s appearance. They may be used when this product is used as event signs or decorations. Signage prices will be higher depending on the quality of visual details. Tasteful designs require meticulous work, advanced software and high-quality printers or paints to achieve excellent results.


Standard graphic prints are not a price differentiator while custom artworks are. How much a signage costs with the addition of artwork depends on the art. Most of the time, the difference is not very high but that can vary based on the artwork’s complexity.

 6. The quality of color

If you look closely, you’ll see that there are quality differences in the colorful cabinets along with black-and-white options. So how much does a sign cost according to color quality? Again, the answer depends on the level of refinement you’re aiming for.

The more outstanding displays require more advanced coloring tools and offer wider possibilities. For large format printing we use high-quality digital printers with UV-cured inks and the Matthew Paint System with over 80,000 color combinations to create custom boxes. You can be sure that photorealistic illustrations can cost you more than plain black lettering on a white backdrop. Check the below example of a pylon sign to get inspired for your project. For specifics, contact our team for a free consultation.

Summary of Factors Affecting Signage Prices in Kenya

So how much does a signage cost in regards to all of these factors? In the checklist below, we list the factors that impact the price and those that don’t. The list also includes location as an element. This takes into account its geography, climate and interior vs exterior applications. Changes in this case are based on material so they don’t reflect an additional difference in price.

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