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Lightbox Signage

Sign Ventures Signs 3D letters can be custom cut out from aluminium, acrylic, PVC and a variety of metal laminates so there is an option for the look you want. They can be flush mounted direct to the wall, pin mounted off the wall or supplied with a backer panel. Many options are available for your unique look and are custom made to your logo. This type of advertising not only captures attention, but also lends sophistication to signs that flat, 2D letters, logos and graphics simply can’t match. We will give you an opportunity to embrace your company’s message in a way unlike any other advertise. We can create the perfect signage that will communicate your message to your customers in a professional, stylish design. Sign Ventures is your quality provider and when we install 3D letters we insure the use of the highest quality materials and craftsmanship, second to none. Quality control you can count on.The most common type of light box is single sided, but it can also be made double-sided and mounted as a so-called projecting sign protruding from the façade. They have traditionally been illuminated with fluorescent lights, but nowadays we equip most of our light boxes with LED technology. LED technology is significantly more energy efficient and has a longer service life than fluorescent lamps and the box can be made a lot thinner. There are a number of different variations on how the sign’s front can be designed:Foil acrylicPainted sheet metal with cut-out/protruding lettersPrinted canvas if the light box is really bigForm or vacuum-pressad acrylic